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Player Name: Korsriddare, or just Kors
AIM Contact: swedenfc19
Character Name: Ranna Kerensky (Kerensky bloodname earned)
Current position: Star Colonel (CO of the 4th Wolf Guards, Alpha Galaxy)

Ranna's app/profile is here.

The Clan Wolf Touman, or its military assets, in the Earth Spare is here.

Verfolger, a joint Clan Wolf/Earth Sphere design is here.
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Naval Assets (Star Wolves)
Following the exodus, most of Clan Wolf's logistical assets came over, having to transport their civilian castes as well as prefabricated materials, factory components and prefabricated buildings part in order to settle down in their new home. The transport dropships and jumpships are armed, though the true teeth of their navy are the two warships that escorted them here.

CO: Star Admiral Wolfgang Carns
Warships: CWS Werewolf (McKenna-class Battleship, also the flagship), CWS Ulric Kerensky (Cameron-class Battlecruiser), CWS Nicholas Kerensky (Texas-class Battleship, recaptured from the Jade Falcons)
Jumpships: Multiple Clan Star Lords, Clan Invaders and Clan Monoliths
Dropships: Multiple Overlord-C, Union-C and Broadsword
Overall status: Veteran

Current Galaxies
Having settled down, Khan Phelan Kell began to take stock of the ragtag stragglers that arrive, and consolidated his forces into two Galaxies. As the operational area is within the Sol system, there is no rush to create a garrison unit. Instead, what they have is an 'all meat' military - both Galaxies average out to near-elite status, not to mention the unusually high ratio of bloodnamed warriors in both Galaxies as compared to other Clans.

Alpha Galaxy (The Dire Wolves)

Following Phelan Kell into the Inner Sphere, only the 4th Wolf Guards Assault Cluster retained enough command integrity to maintain its designation. Other units were combined to form the newly christened Wolf Legion and Wolf Strike Grenadiers. With the sequential capture of two Jade Falcon Trinaries in the Earth Sphere, the Wolf Khan is looking to form a new Cluster to reinforce the understrength Galaxy. As one of the 'original' units created when the Clans were first formed and was once led by their founder Nicholas Kerensky himself, Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy is one of the most illustrous and prestigous units in the Clans.

Clan Command Trinary (The Golden Keshik)
CO: Galaxy Commander Khan Phelan Kell
1 Trinary, Elite

4th Wolf Guards Assault Cluster (Wolf Bane)
CO: Star Colonel Ranna Kerensky (formerly Jera Carns - KIA)
5 Trinaries, Elite

1st Wolf Legion Cluster (Stalking Death)
CO: Star Colonel Loremaster Daphne Vickers
5 Trinaries, Elite

1st Strike Wolf Grenadiers (Snapping Jaws)
CO: Star Colonel Hampton Schroeder
6 Binaries, Veteran

Beta Galaxy (The Wolf Marauders)

Beta Galaxy was built around the legacy of Natasha Kerensky's 13th Wolf Guards and remnants of the 16th that had limped after the rest of the Clan after their assault against the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. Against conventional Clan structure and in memory of former saKhan Kerensky, Macro Hall utilises the 13th Wolf Guards as his command unit rather than a seperate command Trinary - a fitting tribute to the thoroughly unconventional 'Black Widow'.

13th Wolf Guards Cluster (The Wolf Spiders)
CO: saKhan Macro Hall
4 Trinaries, Elite

2nd Wolf Legion Cluster (The Blood Kits)
CO: Star Colonel Alexia Kerensky
4 Trinaries, Veteran

16th Wolf Guards Battle Cluster (The Golden Marauders)
CO: Star Colonel Craig Fetladral
5 Trinaries, Elite

2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers (The Maulers)
CO: Star Colonel Serret
5 Trinaries, Regular

A quick breakdown on clan military terms:
Point - 1 Mech, 2 Aerospace Fighters or 5 Elementals
Star - 5 Points
Binary - 2 Stars
Trinary - 3 Stars
Cluster - 3 to 6 Trinaries
Galaxy - 3 to 7 Clusters


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Mass: 65 tons
Tech Base: Clan/Earth Sphere hybrid
Chassis: WC-10A Endo Steel
Power Plant: WR-325 XL
Maximum Speed (Without thrusters): 86kph
Thrusters: Lowe Gear Xtreme aerospace thrusters x4
Armor: WA-10A Ferro-Fibrous
Manufacturer: Wolf Clan Site 1
Primary Factory: Siberia (WC Site 1)
Communications System: CW6 Series Integrated
Targeting and Tracking System: Hunter (7a) Dedicated TTS

Alternate Configuration S

1 Series WP1 Extended –Range Particle Projector Cannon
1 Defiance LB-10X Autocannon
3 Lowe Gear E-Cap-R Medium Beam Cannons
1 Sunstrike Laser Anti-Missile System

Primary Configuration
1 Series WP1 Extended –Range Particle Projector Cannon
1 Defiance LB-10X Autocannon
3 Series WM1 Extended-Range Medium Lasers
1 Sunstrike Laser Anti-Missile System

Following Clan Wolf’s arrival and subsequent settling up of a new home, they have been involved in many battles on Terra. In a joint effort between Clan Wolf scientists, technicians and White Chalice pilot Lowe Gear, the first Verfolger appeared in 3058 (17 After Impact, Terra reckoning). Its name means “pursuer” or “tracker” in Terra’s Deutsch (German) language.

Having a similar ground speed with most of Clan Wolf’s heavy OmniMechs, the Verfolger carries a 325-rating extralight engine, endo steel chassis and ferro-fibrous armor to save mass in order to carry sufficient weapons and armor. It also allows the mech to operate in tandem with the other heavy mechs.

The most important implementation of Earth Sphere technology is the presence of 4 Lowe Gear Xtreme aerospace thrusters, adapted for use with Clan fusion power plants. This allows the Verfolger to reach acceptable aerospace mobility relative to the average Earth Sphere mobile suits.

Twelve and a half tons of WA-10A can put off even an opposing assault mech for a while under fire, while the Sunfire Laser Anti-Missile System in all configurations provide extra protection in the case of missile-saturation attacks without the risk of ammunition depletion.

In its primary configuration, the Verfolger can carve its enemy up from long range with its ERPPC, and exploit any wounds caused by the Defiance LB10-X autocannon. Despite having exceptional mobility for an OmniMech, Clan Wolf Warriors tend to keep away from point-blank confrontations. However, 3 ER medium lasers ensure that even at medium and close range it is still very deadly.

In a prototype alternate configuration S, the 3 medium lasers are replaced by 3 E-Cap-R medium beam cannons – an adaptation of Earth Sphere’s beam rifle weaponry for mech mount. This gives the Verfolger greater burst firepower due to the low-heat nature of the beam cannons, but approximately the same over time as they must recharge after 16 shots each.

The first Verfolger, in its prototype variant, was deployed by the 4th Wolf Guard attached to the Earth Sphere vessel White Chalice on 3058 (17AI). After a few months of combat trials, the performance of this machine led to a general production order of the primary configuration – where its armaments are all Clan weapons to prevent material shortages. It has began to filter down into both Alpha and Beta Galaxy in limited numbers.

Terrain Stats
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Canon version here.

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Player Name: Korsriddare, or just Kors
Personal LJ: (This can be your character Journal)
AIM Contact: swedenfc19
Character Name: Ranna Kerensky (Kerensky bloodname earned)
Current position: Star Captain
Source Canon: Battletech
Community Tag: Ranna

Notes: She is taken from the Refusal War between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon. As such, she holds the rank of Star Captain and has yet to earn her bloodname. She has a pet surat named Jehu. For general Clan information, see here.

Background: Ranna was born in 3028 from an artificial womb on the Clan world of Stanici. Coming from the revered Kerensky line, she is the genetic granddaughter of Khan Natasha Kerensky and cousin (one generation apart) of former ilKhan Star Colonel Ulric Kerensky. She shares the characteristic Kerensky beauty, but has unusually bright white-blonde hair rather than red.

Raised in the same sibko as Vlad Ward, Evantha Fetladral and Carew Nygren, she underwent testing on her 20th birthday. Ranna attained the rank of Star Commander in her Trial of Position and command of her own Star – just in time for Operation Revival, the Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. Her unit was bargained away in several engagement, but they served with distinction in the capture of Rasalhague.

When the 13th Wolf Guards was formed, Natasha Kerensky invited Ranna to join. She accepted, and was given command of Trinary Bravo. The 13rd Wolf Guards fought on Salatice and the pivotal Battle of Tukayyid, and was one of the few units to attain their objectives, thus earning Clan Wolf a victory – the only Clan to do so.

When the Refusal War happened, Ranna was attached to Khan Phelan Ward’s Delta Galaxy and sent towards Lyran space, with the Morges system as its final destination – Ulric Kerensky’s hope for the future of the Clan. And so he charged his Wolves – to protect those with whom they found refuge in their time of need.

Personality: Ranna is an ardent Warden. She believes that the Hidden Hope Doctrine speaks of the Clans being defenders of the Inner Sphere, protecting it from external threats. The “Voice of Kerensky” message she heard on-route back to the Inner Sphere at the beginning of the invasion only served to cement the ideals of the Warden cause in her mind.

The trueborn and freeborn divide is not as wide in Clan Wolf as in other Clans, and Ranna is perfectly fine with that. In fact, after seeing first-hand how the freeborn warriors within Clan Wolf and the Inner Sphere fight has strengthen that view. She is willing to admit the benefits of traditional familial systems displayed by the Inner Sphere, though at the same time she is immensely proud of her blood heritage, and aims to earn her bloodname one day.

Ranna has a wry sense of humor, quick and sharp wit, and an intelligent mind – all hallmarks of a Kerensky. On the battlefield, however, she can be described as incredibly ruthless, there is little fanfare to the way she approaches combat as she seeks to take them out of the fight as quickly as possible. She will, however, avoid collateral damage, especially after an incident on Salatice where she mistook civilians for enemy infantry.

She holds importance in honor, as a typical clanswoman. But her view of honor in combat is much in line with most of Clan Wolf – “liberal”. Against other Clans and opponents that adhere to the formalized clan combat ritual, she will reciprocate; against those who do not recognize it, she has little qualm about abandoning them. This attitude in general also explains Clan Wolf’s success against the Inner Sphere due to their flexibility.

Ranna used to have no concept of romantic love, but this has since changed due to her relationship with one Phelan Kell. She has embraced it enthusiastically, welcoming the feeling even if they were overwhelming, even frightening at first.

Despite coming from a warrior culture, she does take up painting in her free time, and is actually a competent one.

Capabilities and Resources: An elite pilot among the Clans, even former enemies have been shocked at how ruthless Ranna is in combat, in part due to how accurate she is with a mech. In an era where getting all the weapons on a mech to hit another mech is not an easy task, she is able to regularly hit a specific part of an enemy mech with all the weapons she fires.

She is an excellent tactician and strategist, be it combat or politics, another ‘general’ Kerensky trait that she possess.
As with most trueborns from the Clan eugenics program and the sibko upbringing, she is in peak physical and mental condition. In terms of weapons training, she is an excellent shot with any rifles or pistols, and very competent in bows, blades and hand-to-hand combat.

Robot Name: Warhawk Prime/C

Robot Description: Weighing 85 tonnes, the Warhawk is an iconic Clan assault mech. Being an omnimech, its modular system allow easy equipment switch. However, there are several standard configurations that allow Clan technicians to switch weapons and equipment with minimal fuss. Common to all configurations is the heavy armor present, allowing the Warhawk to take huge amount of damage and still be operational in the field. It has a top speed of 64.8 kph, allowing it to move about with good maneuverability. Ranna favors the Prime and C configurations. Both of them contain a Targeting Computer, a specialized computer that adjust for weapon drift and battlefield condition to indicate best targeting condition, which further enhances Ranna’s considerable marksmanship.

Primary Configuration
- Extended-Range Particle Projectile Cannon x 4: Firing concentrated steams of proton or ions, it is best described visually as ‘blue lightning’, the ERPPC is an extremely powerful weapon that can hit up to long ranges dealing both kinetic and thermal damage. The nature of the particles fire means that it can also cause electronic side effects such as overloaded sensors or computer systems. An ERPPC is able to destroy a Battlemech’s cockpit or vaporize a ton of armor in a single direct hit, and a Warhawk’s generous weight capacity allow it to fit four, two on each arm.

- A ten-tube Long-Range Missile launcher: A guided missile system, LRM-10 fires ten missiles in a single salvo. It can be also fired without locking on if the pilot so desires. The warhead can be interchanged to use a variety of munitions.

Alternate Configuration C
- Extended-Range Particle Projectile Cannon x 2: As above, though the C-config carries 2, one in each arm.

- Large Pulse Laser x 2: Effective up to medium range pulse lasers differ from traditional laser weaponry, in that instead of firing one powerful beam, they maintain laser beams fired off in quick succession. While offering an overall increased rate of fire, the heat output also increases accordingly. Pulse lasers increase damage because they allow vaporized armor to dissipate from the location of damage. This allows subsequent pulses to reach the target area without being diffused by the vapor.

- Flamer: Tapping into a Mech’s reactor for heated plasma, flamers are used primarily against infantry and battle armor. A Mech’s flamer is nevertheless hot enough that it is somewhat effective against light armor, and can burn through heavy armor under sustained fire. The primary effect against other Mechs is heat – forcing them to operate with higher heat, risking shutdown or even ammo explosions.

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: D
Sea: A
Space: B (if equipped with some form of magnetic clamp to allow it to fire from mothership, otherwise D)

Suggested Event List: (Tentative)
Mission 1 "Landfall" - Instead of the Morges system, the jumpship carrying Ranna and her trinary arrives in the Solar system. Their dropship detaches, and lands them on Earth. Forward elements of Jade Falcon's Peregine Galaxy arrive as well in the same mishap, forcing a battle.

Mission 2 "Wolves in Exile" - The rest of Clan Wolf arrives. Presumably some form of FTL phenomenon is bringing in anyone jumping to the Morges system. As such, two Galaxies worth of Jade Falcons arrive - Peregine and Omicron. Furious at having to fight "a gang of dirty freebirths", Star Colonel Angeline Mattlov commits all her forces to the campaign. She starts by dropping the 4th Talon Cluster on top of White Chalice/Wolves, while the rest of them lands elsewhere on the planet.

Mission 3 "Talon Strikes" - Jade Falcon jumpships and warships of Omicron Galaxy were detected by Clan Wolf warships in orbit. They move to intercept – despite taking out the Falcons’ naval assets, they were unable to stop most of the dropships from landing.

The Falcon dropships scattered in their landings, spread out across the globe. Wolf Command immediately dispatched their own dropships and units to engage them. There is one landing zone near the White Chalice, and so Star Captain Ranna requests the Chalice to engage the Jade Falcons there.

Mission 4 "The Sicilian Defense" - Clan Wolf Watch operatives have located a possible base of operations for the Word of Blake - a recently deserted facility buried near the Himalayas. Preliminary intelligence suggest some form of mech facility due to the size of the corridors from vague external readings. A scouting party is sent.

Mission 5 "Pandora's Box" - Repeated failed skirmishes have forced Word of Blake's hands. As their numbers on the planet dwindles with no reinforcements in sight, they rally their forces for one last push. Clan Wolf has discovered their staging ground for attack on a major city - and an allied assault force is sent in to stop them.

Mission 6 "Where Falcons Dare" - Peregrine Galaxy of the Jade Falcons have made landfall. Galaxy Commander Angeline Mattlov commits her forces to what appears to be a probing attack on the White Chalice. The Chalice responds in kind.

Mission 7 "Their Finest Hour"  - The Falcon forces represent their Clan's only hope of destroying the Wolves. Clan Wolf, on the other hand, carries with them their own genetic legacy - defeat will spell the end of their Clan. Neither side will yield. Neither side can yield. Peregrine and Omicron Galaxies of the Jade Falcons commit an all out assault to wipe out Clan Wolf.

Sample Post


Ranna, Personal Entry 64
And so it is done. Ulric Kerensky is now the ilKhan.

The Crusaders had hoped to manuever Conal into the Khan of Wolf, but Ulric cut him with his own knife and selected Natasha as his successor. Hah! The look on her face when he announced his choice, I shall remember that to my grave. The Great Father had wanted us to protect the Inner Sphere, and these Crusaders are all too eager to conquer it in their twisted intepretations.

I see a few possibilities in which he may stymied the Crusaders... Perhaps he will allow additional Clans to enter the invasion? With the corridors as narrow as they are... Nevertheless, I am finally able to appreciate Strana Mechty without this matter hanging over our heads. Of course, there still remains the task of aiding Phelan's training...

But for now, it has been a good day.


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